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Eucalyptus candle
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Eucalyptus candle


The attraction of the fresh and cleansing scent of eucalyptus is blended with notes of lemon, tea tree and lemon verbena for a zesty, soothing and stunning scent. Unique, strong, fresh and soothing. Cleansing, refreshing and uplifting.

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Experience the soothing embrace of nature with our Eucalyptus Candle.

The Eucalyptus Aroma

Eucalyptus, with its unmistakable clean and invigorating fragrance, serves as the heart of our this candle. Known for its refreshing and cleansing properties, eucalyptus has been cherished for generations as a natural remedy for relaxation and well-being.

A Unique and Uplifting Experience

Our Eucalyptus Candle is all about uniqueness and strength. The combination of these carefully selected scents results in a fragrance that stands out, creating a strong presence in any room. As you light the candle, you’ll instantly feel the freshness washing over you, while a soothing sensation uplifts your spirit.

Cleansing, Refreshing, and Uplifting

The cleansing properties of eucalyptus are at the forefront of this candle. Its scent has the power to purify your surroundings and clear the air, making it ideal for creating a rejuvenating atmosphere.

Our Aroma Profile

To enhance the eucalyptus base, we’ve carefully curated a selection of complementary notes that take this candle to the next level. Lemon adds a citrusy zing that awakens your senses, while tea tree oil offers its renowned soothing qualities. Lemon verbena infuses the blend with an herbal, slightly sweet undertone that lingers gently in the air.

A Versatile Addition to Your Space

The elegant and minimalistic design of our Eucalyptus Candle complements any decor. Place it in your bedroom, living room, bathroom, or office for an instant touch of serenity. It’s also a thoughtful gift choice for loved ones, symbolising your wish for their well-being and relaxation.

Whether you seek a sanctuary for relaxation or a mood-boosting ambience, our candle is your aromatic ally. Embrace the zest of eucalyptus and let its cleansing, refreshing, and uplifting qualities envelop you. With every burn, you’re inviting nature’s own remedy into your home, bringing a breath of fresh, invigorating air that revitalises your spirit.

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Pure soy wax candles fragranced with natural oils, housed in an amber glass jar with a dark wooden oak lid.  They are perfect to take travelling or camping and simply look stylish. When lit you will see the slight transparency of the glass and the beautiful ambient glow. A perfect addition to a nighttime ritual.   Warning: Do not burn below 1 cm of wax remaining in the bottom of the jar as it will create a concentration of heat on the base of the jar. Soy Wax is soft so when your candle is finished, scoop out the remaining wax with a spoon and rinse with warm soapy water. Your amber glass and lid can now be re-purposed. Examples are loose leaf tea, pot plants, vase, coin jar, bathroom storage, options are limited only to your imagination.

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  1. Hannah Clarke

    This is such a beautiful candle! Lovely scent for all seasons!!

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