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Japanese Honeysuckle Candle
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Japanese Honeysuckle Candle


As fresh as it sounds, this summer season candle will give you that sweet feeling on a balmy summer night. 

Our Japanese Honeysuckle candle pays homage to one of nature’s most enchanting creations. Immerse yourself in the captivating allure of this sweet, floral and fruity scent which transports you to a realm of serenity and elegance.

The Japanese Honeysuckle Aroma

Japanese honeysuckle, a delicate and sweet flowering vine, is celebrated for its natural charm and captivating scent. This candle captures the essence of mandarin, pine needle, neroli, jasmine, and cedarwood, taking you on an aromatic voyage through its intricate layers.

A Floral and Fruity Bouquet

The scent of Japanese honeysuckle is a delightful tapestry of floral and fruity notes. At the heart of this fragrance, you’ll encounter the bright and zesty Mandarin, creating a sense of invigorating cheerfulness. Pine needle lends a hint of the great outdoors, while Neroli contributes its sweet and soothing qualities. Jasmine, known for its rich and heady aroma, adds a layer of pure luxury, and Cedarwood provides a grounding, woody base note that lingers gently.

A Candle That Envelops Your Senses:

Our Japanese Honeysuckle Candle is more than just a source of light and fragrance; it’s a transformative experience. As you light the candle, watch the flame dance and cast a warm, inviting glow. Allow the enchanting aroma to permeate your space, caressing your senses with its intricate layers of scent.

Unwind and Rejuvenate

In the midst of life’s demands and constant busyness, our Japanese Honeysuckle Candle offers a respite. Light it when you want to unwind, relax, or simply create an ambience that’s as elegant as it is comforting. The floral and fruity notes come together to inspire tranquillity and rejuvenation, helping you find solace in the serenity of your surroundings.

The Perfect Gift for Loved Ones

Whether you’re treating yourself or looking for a thoughtful gift, our Japanese Honeysuckle Candle is an ideal choice. It’s a way to express your appreciation for the beauty of nature and the elegance it brings into our lives. The candle’s simple and elegant design fits seamlessly into any decor, making it a versatile and cherished gift.

How to Enjoy Your Japanese Honeysuckle Candle

  • The very first burn creates the ‘memory burn’. Allow the candle to melt to the very edge of the vessel. This prevents future tunneling
  • Burn on a stable, heat-resistant surface away from flammable objects
  • Never leave a burning candle unattended
  • Trim the wick to 0.6cm before every burn to prevent excessive smoking & centre the wick after burning to ensure an even burn next time
  • Avoid burning for more than 4 hours at a time, this helps extend the life of your candle and maintain it’s fragrance
  • Once your candle is finished, consider reusing the container for other purposes or recycle via your household bin. Remove rubber ring on lid before recycling wooden lid.
  • Keep out of reach of pets and children

Other options:

We provide this scent in our Japanese honeysuckle reed diffuser and our room spray

Additional Info

Pure soy wax candles fragranced with natural oils, housed in an amber glass jar with a dark wooden oak lid.  They are perfect to take travelling or camping and simply look stylish. When lit you will see the slight transparency of the glass and the beautiful ambient glow. A perfect addition to a nighttime ritual.   Warning: Do not burn below 1 cm of wax remaining in the bottom of the jar as it will create a concentration of heat on the base of the jar. Soy Wax is soft so when your candle is finished, scoop out the remaining wax with a spoon and rinse with warm soapy water. Your amber glass and lid can now be re-purposed. Examples are loose leaf tea, pot plants, vase, coin jar, bathroom storage, options are limited only to your imagination.

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